Video Concepts

Video Concepts

Without a doubt, here at Golconda Media Solutions our absolute favorite part of this entire magical process is coming up with the ideas that will make your video outshine the competition.
How do we do it?
It takes a lot of idea fodder and fine tuning, but when it comes to our creative arsenal, we’re armed to the teeth.

1.   We Write Down Our Dreams

Maybe you’ve noticed that we don’t have hours posted here. That’s because the process never actually stops! Once you start writing down your dreams, you’ll be amazed at the ideas that flow out of that beautiful brain of yours. Especially in the music world, it’s fashionable to create footage that pushes the boundaries of reality. While we dream, we get to push those boundaries for ourselves. Even if nothing comes of this exercise, it’s still a lot of fun just to see what your unconscious mind is capable of.

2.   We Involve Our Clients

You’ve got a vision…if you didn’t, you certainly wouldn’t have started your business in the first place. That vision is powerful and personal to you…we respect and embrace this fact. Our job is to align our vision with yours in a way that makes your video spring to life. We spend a lot of time getting to understand your business and your target market. This is an extremely important step in the process… We promise that by the end of it, your passion will be captured in a video that you’ll be proud to share with the world.

3. We LOVE Shooting. 

It’s true. We drool over camera specs and we’re crazy about new gear. We’re committed to getting the shot, whether that means shooting on our backs, gliding through the woods, or diving to catch a fleeting moment (our dry cleaners love us). Whatever it takes to make your footage look as unique as we can make it. It’s this approach that can make a corporate video thrilling, or a music video inspiring.

We make concepts come to life at Golconda Media Solutions.
What aspect of your business gets you fired up everyday?
Share it with us! There could be a video in the making.

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